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EmPower case management services has vast experience of undertaking assessment of needs and work within the new rehabilitation code of 2015 for adults and children who have sustained a catastrophic injury. The new Code reinforces the original code (first published in 1999) and provides an approved framework for injury claims “within which Claimant representatives and compensators can work together.

The ‘Initial Needs Assessment report will clearly identify what the client hopes to achieve this will be the starting point for any rehabilitation therapy goals. At EmPower case management services we focus on the goals of the client to achieving the best outcmes.

Initial Needs Assessment

Once we have received your request for an INA (Immediate Needs Assessment), one of our staff will contact you to discuss the referral and ensure our terms and conditions are accepted.

We will then arrange a visit to commence the assessment to determine the nature and degree of the patient’s injuries.

Information will also be obtained from various professionals involved in the individual’s life and a comprehensive report will be completed. This report will detail the background, nature of injuries, the impact this has had on the person, the view of family and of the injured party together with detailed costing of the support and services required.

The report will cover the following;

  • Social and environmental situation
  • Detailed information from medical record
  • Details of injury and treatments provided up to date
  • Physical and cognitive deficits and restrictions on activities of daily living
  • Current support in place
  • Statutory provisions for health and social care, plus recommendations under the Care Act 2014
  • Recognition of their rights under the health and social care act and identification of deprivation of liberty
  • Equipment and adaptations needed
  • Setting of short to longer term goals
  • Identification of specialist provisions that may be required
  • Summary of care needs and recommendation of how to best meet those needs in a cost effective manner, which ensures the needs of the client are integral to the package
  • Identification of future care costs

Case Management

At EmPower case management services, we have significant experience in developing packages of care following an initial assessment of need. The main aim is to take care of managerial responsibility regarding the client pathway, from hospital to community.

We also coordinate members of the multi-disciplinary team, who work collaboratively with the client to set goals they want to achieve.

The case manager’s role is to support the clinicians involved in the implementation of the plan. We will work closely with the support staff who carry out the therapy goals on a day to day basis.

Often, therapy breaks down because the client lacks insight into their deficits, causing them to disengage from the therapy. Therefore, an integral part of the case manager’s role is to develop an open and honest relationship with the client, so they can work through these difficulties. We also work in collaboration with family and informal carers, who are an integral part of the therapy plan. We regularly hold family meetings to enable informal carers to have an opportunity to work with others in similar situations, as well as an opportunity to share their skills and knowledge.

The case manager is the catalyst for the team who is there to support all members of the care team and ensuring the client remains at the centre of the care.

Case manager Karen Jones has worked extensively with clients who have a forensic background and can provide a comprehensive package of care for clients who may be difficult to engage.


EmPower case management services provides dedicated training in the following areas:

Neurorehabilitation Therapy: Basic and Advanced Training – explores the use of compensatory aids, the principles behind a cognitive behavioural therapy plan, neuroplasticity, person centre planning.

Risk Assessment – We have access to an Expert in the field of risk management who provides a comprehensive training package in risk assessment/management  for those clients who have challenging behaviours, that are placing them and others  at significant risk of harm, and specifically those displaying overt sexualised behaviours which are placing themselves and others at risk.

Other training includes:

Safeguarding, Advocacy, the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty, Mental Health, Managing Challenging Behaviours and the Children Act. We also work closely with providers who can support our training programs in many areas.


With an extensive knowledge in the field, we are available for individuals with an acquired brain injury and children with complex healthcare needs. Many of our team members have extensive experience in providing these services.

Therefore, if you are looking for a rehabilitation unit, a rehabilitation hospital facility, a community supported living scheme, day care services, direct payments or a personal health budget, we would be happy to provide you with support

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